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About us

Our philosophy
Each situation (and pregnancy) is unique. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have their vision of a great pregnancy become a reality. That’s what we deliver to you: a personalized experience. When we work with you, we roll up our sleeves and become a part of your community. Our success is measured by your satisfaction. This is why we invest whatever resources are needed, to keep you happy and at peace. We know the challenges that pregnancy and parenthood can present. Our momcierges have been in your shoes. We’re old moms and new moms, from all regions of the world, and have tackled anything you can imagine!

Being a parent can be very overwhelming without a good support system. Here at Joie Milan, we can assist you in finding everything you need. And we DO mean everything!

A Personal Note…

I have to start by saying that this endeavor has come from a place of pure unadulterated bliss. I’ve experienced the extreme highs and lows of maternity. So much so that my wish is for everyone to be able to get what they need during this interesting and adventurous time. Whatever experience you are aiming for, we are here to help.

My pregnancy was only able to take the course it did because of my excellent support system. We here at Joie Milan are here to provide a support system and/or aid your current support staff. We will assist your partner in planning the perfect baby or conceptionmoon…we’ll assist your friends in planning the perfect shower or we will possibly even design and build your own one of a kind nursery!

If you need to know where you can get a wonderful massage at 8 1/2 months we’ve got you covered. If you’ve just had your baby and need groceries, we’re on it! For the duration of your pregnancy and then some, you can call us and we will make all the arrangements you need. The only time you’ll need to lift a finger, is to call us.