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Dimplekins Naturals

Balms away! These salves and balms are a necessity in your diaper bag, nursery, and car!

The Bum Bum Balm is a part of my every diaper change. I use it as prevention and thus has never needed to treat a diaper rash. These products are free of harsh chemicals. The all natural ingredients make me feel at ease when I lather my son up. There is no gunk or build up and he’s had not single blip or blemish.

Our winters are very dry here in Toronto and the sweet cheeks is by far the best go to as a face cream for little ones. Its not greasy and again all natural ingredients such as JoJoba oil and Vanilla are guilt free. You can also use it on any other dry patches that may pop up. I must confess I use this on myself as well.

The Sniffles is WONDERFUL. It’s a great alternative to the aggressive scents of menthol and the strong Vicks. They use eucalyptus instead. My son actually sucks in his top lip and stretches out his nose when he sees coming with it. This combined with my Boogie Wipes and Hydrasense aspirator is all I need in my arsenal for fighting back during cold and flu season so far. The small size of the tins make them great for travel.

The Boo Boo Goo is handy for little scrapes and cuts. I’ve only had to use it for minor scratches that my little guy has done with his razor sharp claws. My only wish is that larger sizes were available!

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