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Honest saved my life!!

Ok that may be a slight exaggeration but not by much. Last month my family and I went on an 11 day trip to rural Kenya. Yay! Exciting times we were elated and excited. After 20 hours of travel from Toronto, ON to Nairobi we find that they have lost our bag. I didn’t panic. I was positive and figured that they would show up with it in a day or so.

I was wrong. Very wrong. We were about a three to hour drive from any major city and to put things into perspective, the village we were in is just now putting in poles to get electricity. As a mom of a two-year old and a nine month old I’d like to think that I am prepared. I’m not sure how one prepares to be in such a situation with nothing but we made it work with the help of Honest!

Because of the long travel time and the general messy nature of  babies I packed the Honest essentials kit Free-Diaper-Pack-Trial-with-the-Honest-Co(trial size) in my carry on. While I do have the full size bottles at home, the trial size is PERFECT for transport. Included in the kit are; hair & body wash, lotion, healing balm, surface cleaner, and hand soap. You can also get a free trial of diapers that comes with wipes. This is a 5 pack the nice and compact, also perfect for travel. We used every last drop of that kit on the trip. My older little guy has a bit of eczema so the healing balm was a life saver. Most kits only include a lighter and scented lotion. Being in a hot place or any place where there may be bugs, scents are not advised. That was another major plus about this kit.

The surface cleaner! I cannot express enough how handy this was in such a place where there are goats and cows everywhere and the homes are made from mud and dung. I never want to detract from my kids experience and learning so I let them both go for gold and explore everything and at the end of the night gave them a good wash. Between the wipes and balm and wash, Honest kept me sane in regards to my little guys.

Even if you are not going anywhere near as far or adventurous, this kit really is a diaper bag essential. You can buy the full sized bundle  for your home but the trial size is a travel and diaper bag must have! You can always refill the small bottles from your full ones.

P.S. Our luggage was delivered to our home two days after we returned home in Toronto.


Joie Milan is a proud Honest Company Ambassador. (Tashi, author of this article, is now after this experience even more proud to be an Honest mom)

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