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How to read an ultrasound!

At some point in our lives we’ve all seen these fuzzy little pictures from an excited parent somewhere, or we’ve stared at the monitor through teary eyes playing “name those parts.” While I’ve become quite good at picking out the little belly beans in the pics, there are still a vast many people that have no idea what they are looking at.

Occasionally you will, no matter what, get some that stump you. However, provided you had a great sonographer, we’ve got a few tips on how to sort out an ultrasound image. And since we’re all about sharing here at Joie Milan, please mums feel free to ascend us yours and we’ll share and post them!

Along the information bar you will how far along the mum is. This should help guide you as to what you should and should not expect to see. For example, any earlier than 6-7 weeks you won’t see much except a jelly bean. The fun begins after that. By week 10 the tail, yes tail, is gone and we’ve got fingers, toes, arms and legs that can all be readily identified. At this point you’ve long since seen and heard the rapid beating of your little ones heart. Soon tiny fists will be made along with grimacing and squinting! All of which you can see on screen.

During most routine pregnancies you only get an ultrasound once a trimester. The first is the dating ultrasound, the second is the anatomy and the third is to check everything out for delivery.

Below are some great images from our moms to be! Enjoie!


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