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Ready, set, REGISTER!

Whether you look online or in physical stores, there are literally TONS of   “must have” and “essential” baby needs checklists. While they are full of amazing and cool items, the one thing they lack is the ability to assess what’s actually essential to YOUR family. Read below about one moms registry experience and why she trusted us!

“Baby Registry Shopping- I was pumped and excited
Shopping for baby and not having to pay a cent…left home exuding confidence
…What an exhausting and daunting experience!!!

My girlfriends questioned my confidence when I said that I would registry shop on my own.
I figured…second child after 13 years…how hard could it be???
BOY was I in for a rude awakening. Not only have things changed in 13 years, I too had changed- my likes and dislikes not to mention the array of products-WOW all these new products, colours, shapes and sizes- I was overwhelmed to say the least!

My patience grew thin as I walked through the isles with nothing but a checklist in hand and a tired husband in tow. The store clerk didn’t offer much help nor did they ask to take my coat or offer me a bottle of water…I was physically and mentally exhausted when posed with all the decision making in the soother isle-who would’ve thunk it!?! I at one point was randomly choosing items just to be done with it!

I left the store four hours later feeling disorganized (very much not a ME trait as I pride myself with being too much like Martha Stewart), hungry, mentally and physically exhausted as well as frustrated beyond comprehension- WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?

Sat in the car with my husband and in blank stare said- I MUST CALL TASHI! After a quick chuckle she took the reins, organized a second appointment with another store she highly suggested and before I knew it… all was well with the world…order was restored and I felt great!

The following day I meet Tashi and two other girlfriends at Moms to be and More, was instantly greeted with a smile, an I pad, store introductory and we were off. She kept me organised, we stayed in each isle and she educated me on items I never even knew existed.

Three hours and a complete and organized baby registry list later… I felt accomplished

I left knowledgable of the brands, different fabrics and linens for baby’s crib, regular and orthodontic soothers, high chairs, strollers, car seats and gadgets, breast feeding, bath tubs, organic baby products, – THINGS I would have never questioned, SHE took the time to inform me and it felt good not having to place thought as she had the experience with all products, companies and gadgets.

I am forever grateful, thankful and appreciative to have had her (and my girlfriends) by my side through this experience. So much so that I’ve enlisted  Joie Milan group to organize my baby shower- she thought she could get away all too easily…I think not!

Thank you Joie Milan group for making this experience one to remember!”


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Guess what you’re having!!!

We have got some exciting new things for you guys! Our packages are ready and available. As well a tons of new services, such as our…..Gender reveal nurseries!! you give us a sealed envelope with your babies sex and we will, based on your input, create a custom nursery for you. You aren’t allowed to sneak a peek. These rooms will obviously be gender specific and upon its completion

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Carseats DO expire!

We are just going to do a quick and dirty (short explanation) on this topic. We get a few questions a month about this and we want everyone to always be safe with their precious cargo. Carseats do in fact have a shelf life and the simple reason for that is as follows.

That carseat is primarily composed of plastic and metal. It gets left in the car all

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