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Elemenosqueeze by B. you

Fun and educational! These squeakable, chewable, colorful and all around wonderful blocks are an every day favorite around here. They are bright and easy to grasp by little hands. The hand sculpted images on each block are intricate and unique.

At 10 months old it’s a bit hard trying to get my son to see the educational quality of the blocks but its nice for me to know its there for now. He has become quite the little architect considering that they aren’t all cubes. There columns and arches in the pack as well.

Action Shot!

I am a huge fan of many B. toys. These were our first of many B. purchases and are used daily as teethers, building tools and general imagination play. My older nieces and nephews all come and enjoy them as well. Elemenosqueeze are a must have in your toy chest. The sister set of One Two Squeeze blocks are a great addition to the set.

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