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I don't know where they find some of these things they come up with. They are SOOO creative. It's amazing

Ilca Gaete

An absolute pleasure to work with. I can't wait to have my next kid!

Phnewfula Frederiksen

I gave them complete control over the nursery decisions and they turned it into a literary work of art. I couldn't have fathomed what they accomplished. We had a tree coming out of our wall!!

Jason Harrow

"Thank you so much. We could not have done this without you!"

Gina D.

"I am so glad you are here. I would be clueless otherwise"

Bobby S.

"There isn’t a thing I would change about my experience with Tashi, my partner and I were so, so impressed with her and are so, so grateful to her for helping us make our difficult labour a happy time despite everything. I’d recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. "

Chaase D.

Tashi is a calm, caring, thoughtful and intelligent woman. Through our countless conversations during her pregnancies I have grown to know her as a compassionate, holistic, and passionate person. I have learned a lot from her when it comes to approaching labour and birth from a natural perspective, specifically in the form of allowing the body to naturally progress through the stages of labour and how to better support woman during this process."

K. Ellul, RN, PNC(C), BScN