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To Co-Sleep or not to Co-Sleep

This is a topic that most people seem to discuss and I think it’s a bit pointless unless you want some sort of facts. With many things, our philosophy is to do what is right and works for your family.

Our Momcierge Chantz had her daughter sleeping in her own bed but in the same room as her and her husband until she was two years old. There was a few months transition period and she is now happily sleeping in a toddler bed in her own room.

I took cosleeping to a bit of an extreme with my children and I must say, I’d do it again. For the first four months of my first sons life he slept on my chest. From there he slept on our bed for about a year and now he’s in his own bed but still in our room. Our second son is still only months old so he is in our bed.

I know there are all sorts of concerns and issues that various people have. Again I say, do what works for YOUR family. I’m able to nurse and go right back to sleep. Both of my kids have slept throughout the night since they were born. (I’ve mastered the “no wake” diaper change!) My husband and I are able to sleep. And clearly it didn’t put a damper on our marriage and sex life because our second son is here.

For those worried about rolling over or smothering the baby there are a few co sleeping products that offer good compromises and support. If you want a more frugal option you can take a pillow (not a feathered pillow) a relatively low pillow like the memory foam contour pillows. No loose covering. We covered ours with our sons blanket and tucked and pinned it so there was not even enough to slide, move or fold anywhere. The pillow is placed in between myself and my husband right up to the headboard. The covers never go up that high and the baby is raised above us so we will feel the pillow before the baby. Even still I sleep with one hand on the babys back or foot.

If you or your partner are heavy sleepers or are extremely exhausted then I recommend one of the hard border cosleeping systems or not to cosleep. It is not for everyone.

Here is a great article that was just put out about the health benefits of cosleeping.


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