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Underrated Safety Option

One of the first things we do as parents is go into overdrive about our kids safety. We are supposed to do this, it’s our paternal nature.

My husband and I decided when our son was born to not go overboard with childproofing our home. Our logic was simple. We take our child lots of places, most of which will not be child proofed so let’s just be diligent and teach our kid early about what to touch and not touch.

Obviously anyone with kids knows this is a task and a half. While we still agree with and practice this philosophy, we do take some measures.

A life saving favorite of mine is quick, easy and free! We all have spray bottles in our home. Bottles containing various potions and cleaning aides. While I opt for green supplies as much as possible, I still don’t want my baby drinking them or squirting himself in the eye.

When cooking or doing the dishes he scurries along the floor opening cupboards, tossing out my Tupperware, and banging on my pots and pans. One evening I’d forgotten to put away my all purpose cleaner. This looked fascinating to him apparently as I saw him dart across the floor for it. Much to his displeasure he couldn’t get it to make funny noise it did when mommy was using it, nor would it shoot water out.

After a few minutes of frustration, he tossed the bottle to go chase the dog. I may have forgotten to put it away but thank goodness I did not forget to turn it “off.” Most commercial product spray bottles come with an off/on nozzle. It’s a simple twist that will save you hours of screaming or much worse!

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